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Sunday: 8:30 AM,            
W ednesday: 5:30 PM
Take Over Nights: 10:00 PM, 1st Friday of Every Month
Day Break South Africa: 06:00 AM, 1st Day of Every Month
Counselling : 10 Am Week Days

"To build people into leadership, with a global passion, deeply rooted in Christ."

Through the process of our four cardinal points;
► Right Living
► Team Work
► Evangelism
► Prayer


Evangelizing the lost for their total transformation spirit, soul and body, developing them into leaders.

-Pastor I. O Mathew and Siphindile Immaculate Omodiale
Senior Pastors, CGMI South Africa!

© 2016 Church of God Mission International, South Africa
          At CGM SOUTH AFRICA, we are very passionate about EMPOWERMENT; we are constantly empowering EACH PERSON with the practical knowledge they need, in a simple and straight-forward manner, so they can start producing miracles and commanding signs and wonders everywhere they are.
With great joy in our hearts, Pastor I. O MATHEW and I welcome you to CGM South Africa.
Church Of God Mission South Africa is indeed home to a great people, experiencing the miraculous and growing in a deeper relationship with God, every day.
          Church of God Mission International was founded by Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa in Benin City in 1968. The Lord told him precisely ... "I have called you that you might take the gospel around the world in my name. Preach the gospel, and I will confirm my Word with signs following."  
As Presiding Senior Pastors over CGM, South Africa, we are passionate about seeing each member become all that God wants him/her to be, and that each person fulfills his/her divine purpose in life. Simply put, your empowerment and destiny fulfilment in destiny is our ultimate priority.
So, if you desire a place where you will experience God for yourself, a place where you will be taught the Word and the Ways of God in simplicity, a place where your spiritual gifts will be developed and deployed to the glory of God, a home where each person is a treasured member of the family, then Church Of God Mission Int South Africa is the place you should be planted!
          All across this great nation – South Africa, there is an CGM Worship Center close to you. Kindly visit “Our Worship Centers” to locate a branch near you.
We will be honored to formally receive you into the CGM Family, and to know you personally, even as God helps us and other Pastors to be a blessing to your life and destiny.
Always remember, the best place to be is the place where the presence of God is real; we welcome you to Church Of God Mission Int. South Africa!
CGM south africa is affiliated to Christ Throne Ministries in the United States of America. READ MORE

-Pastor I. O Mathew and Siphindile Immaculate Omodiale
Evangelism our Supreme Task.......
Sunday: 8:30 AM,            
Wednesday: 5:30 PM
Take Over Nights: 10:00 PM, 1st Friday of Every Month
Day Break South Africa: 06:00 AM, 1st Day of Every Month
Counselling : 10 Am Week Days